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Our Story

We are a family owned & operated establishment located in Santa Fe Springs, California. We strive to provide our customers with the friendliest service and to make everyone feel right at home. We’d like to say making awesome sandwiches runs in our family as we start out each day trying to meet or exceed our customers expectations. We strive to bring you the most delicious sandwiches with our signature flare

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!!! I literally crave it when I have gone a few days without it.
Their sandwiches are very very hearty, super duper fresh (literally every single vegetable that goes into the sandwiches are crunchy! not a single bad lettuce in sight!), incredibly tasty bread and plenty of zing and tang from the pickles and pepperoncinis. You cannot go wrong. Everything tastes homemade.. because it is! My favorites are the Dancing Avocado and the Cashew Chicken and I always get them on toasted squaw bread. I enjoy all of their soups as well.
The owners are so sweet too.
– Hannah L –

Just like all the other positive reviews, this is the perfect place for any sandwich lover. First impression of this place was wonderful. Everything is clean and neat. There is a condiment bar with jalapenos, chili peppers, pepperoncini and pickles. One can never have too much pickles! We ordered Turkey and Swiss with avocado on a roll. There are 2 sizes regular and large. We went with regular and it was a pretty big sanwich. Our other sandwich was a club extravaganza on squaw. Now this sandwich is huge! As much as I tried, I couldn’t bite into all those layers of ham, Turkey and bacon. Very filling, saved the other half for dinner tonight. Will definitely be back to try other selections.
– Gigi B –

I’ve worked in this area on and off for the past 15 years and I am so glad that I finally had the guts to try this place out. The level that they are making sandwiches at is beyond what I have had before. I know that’s a bit of a reach but I don’t really care for sandwiches. These however, paired with their soup of the day, are just amazing.

All I ask is one thing.. PLEASE OPEN ON THE WEEKENDS!
– Michael L –